Digital Asset Management for the modern age

Manage, catalog and index all types of files, including your html media content.
SaaS, or on premise options, project and collaboration features, very easy to use.

Who can benefit from using Ark?

ad agencies
graphic art studios

Ark is capable of storing, cataloging and searching all of your digital assets, applying metadata to your assets and using that data for future reference when creating ads, campaigns, news stories and more. It is for all types of environments, covering all your digital or print publishing, brand management, design or corporate marketing needs.

Innovative solutions

Cataloging and indexing
Adobe InDesign packages as a single asset
Native Adobe Edge and Animate files
Generic HTML digital ads
HTML packages as a single asset


HTML Asset Live Preview
Adherence to IPTC, XMP and EXIF tagging standards
Robust api for integration with NHM products and 3rd party systems
Support for many media asset types
Support all operating systems
Support for S3 storage
Create and catalog - upload files and apply mass metadata securely in the cloud
Search - easily search files based on your customized metadata
Single Tenant SaaS - High level of efficiency and security by using separate, dedicated DAM instances for all tenants in a SaaS model

Uploading Multiple Adobe Animate ADS To ARK
Uploading Adobe Edge Animate Ad To ARK
Uploading Google Web Designer AD To ARK
Uploading Adobe InDesign AD To ARK

Project Management Features

intuitive use by administrative, creative marketing and sales teams
Branding / Design guidelines by collection and project

Development Roadmap

Ark Features on RoadMap:

Asset processing automation and delivery:
Automated image toning, Automated conversion, Automated Video Transcoding, Queuing for Designer retouching, much more

Automatic Metadata Detection:
Automatically detect and populate metadata about: Objects in an image, Facial Mood Analysis, Read and index text in images, Auto Recognize Celebrities, Automatically choose a face and run facial recognition on other assets in the DAM to find matches

Analyze videos for scenes, faces, and objects and auto-populate metadata for videos

Automatic Expiration of access to assets for Usage rights management

Third party integrations:
salesforce, zapier, slack, etc.

Enterprise & social media authentication:
active directory, okta, google, facebook, etc.

Project Management Features:

Proof, Review and Approval of assets in a Project

Real time chat collaboration

Folder Structure Organization

Annotation of Assets in a Project

InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop and Premiere plugins for drag and drop downloading and usage in Adobe Cloud applications

HTML slick proof for proofing and approval of multiple HTML ad sizes at one time

‘Hot Folders’ for automatic cataloging / importing from any remote network in the world, on any platform

Available as:

Software as a Service
Customer Data Center


  • Ark has many integrations that will provide you the ability to create monitoring dashboards to report the analytics of your own, your customer’s, and your competitor’s data from one location in real-time!
  • As an agency, create a Dashboard accessible to your customer for them to monitor the effects your agency is having on their business.
  • As a company, create Dashboards for different divisions, departments, locations, groups, or however you wish to segment things.
  • Many integrations ready to go: Google AdWords, SalesForce, Basecamp, Google Analytics, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Google Alerts, Twitter, Mailchimp, Google Adsense, Linkedin, Facebook, WordPress, Constant Contact, Instagram, Campaign Monitor, Vimeo, YouTube, Google DFP, Pinterest, GetResponse and many more
  • Advanced functions such as: data mashups to compare data, performing custom scheduled social media publishing, create alerts, and more.

Social Media Dashboard: Facebook Overview, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Like’s Map, Facebook Traffic Bounces, LinkedIn Analytics, Latest Tweets, and more.

Web Analytics Dashboard: Website Overview, Country Map, Traffic Overview, Operating Systems, Content Overview, Search Engines, Country List, and more.

Marketing Dashboard: Revenue YTD, Marketing Funnel, E-mail campaign, Newsletter subscribers, Keyword Ranking, Latest Tweets or mentions, Performance of Specific Digital Ads, and more.

Sales Dashboard: Top Selling Plans, Sales Funnel, Top Sales Reps, New Customers, Top Opportunities, Sales Goal YTD, and more.

Client Dashboard: Website Visitors, Top Facebook Posts, Keyword ranking, Adwords Metrics, Mobile Visitors, and more.

Project Dashboard: To-Do’s, Percent Project Completion, Discussions, Upcoming Events, and more.

  • Unlimited Dashboards allow you to get as creative as you like, without anything to constrain the level of feedback you can provide internally and externally to your users or customers.
  • Create public read-only Dashboards accessible by a unique URL - great for agencies !
  • Setup dashboards to operate in ‘TV Mode’, allowing you to setup flat panel displays in portrait or landscape in your marketing or sales department and create a custom ‘Marketing Operations Center’.


Web-based accessibility
Easy and quick implementation
Project Notes and Todo’s. Privacy options allow you to share inside and outside your organization
Customizable roles, permissions and metadata to best fit your workflow
Gather brainstorming ideas in your personal lightbox, group assets for specific projects, clients, or categories
Share assets via email and FTP


Phoebe Roth
News Journalist, Polaris Media
“Its intuitive interface, collaborative tools and fast retrieval means searching is a breeze. ARK helps to relieve the pressure and lets me do what I love, telling great stories.”
Rod Kenning
CEO Polaris Media
“We simply pointed the software at our digital archive and ARK did the rest. Our terabytes of assets became immediately searchable.”



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